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About Sean O'Rourke

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site.


I am a professional photographer with a diverse portfolio in Architectural/Real Estate, Products, Weddings/Events, and Portraits. Whether I am shooting a unique landscape like the powerful waterfalls in Iceland, a quiet kiss between a newlywed couple amid a lively crowd, or the intricate tile patterns in a newly renovated kitchen, I always manage to find creativity and art through my lens.


As a small veteran-owned business, I pride myself in the Marine Corps’ three core values: honor, courage, commitment.

Honor: being honest and having integrity in everything I do.

Courage: doing what it takes to get the shot and not being afraid to go off the beaten path.

Commitment: serving my clients the same way I served our country, with unwavering dedication.


I have a track record of repeat clients and solid referrals not just because of the quality of my work, but also because of my timeliness and superior client service. My client relationships go beyond just a transaction, often becoming life-long friendships.


I consider myself blessed for doing what I love for a living. Outside of my professional photography, I enjoy being in the great outdoors and appreciating the wonders of nature as it gives me peace and serenity.

The world can be a confusing place and hard to understand at times. I think of my camera as a translator. Deciphering the madness into beauty.

Semper Fidelis,

Sean O'Rourke

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